Taking a thought shower

Posted by Chelle Smith in Latest Cheeps on May 6, 2013

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I’ve never considered if I was alone in my use of shower time. That’s got you thinking, which is apt really because that’s exactly what I do in the shower. That’s not to say I assumed I was the only one and the rest of the world was belting out show tunes. No, I was just too busy processing my own thoughts to think about others. Selfish I know.


It’s only since hearing the term ‘thought shower’ being bandied about that I’ve given it any thought. A news headline here, a mention from Ian Beale there. Ian Beale of Eastenders? Do I really want to be doing something that The Square’s most ruthless, self centred businessman does? Fortunately it’s down to the scriptwriters, which is good because I don’t want to be visualising jowly Beale whilst I’m showering.


The term ‘thought shower’ is the new term for ‘brainstorming’. Traditionally brainstorming is a gathering of peeps who throw ideas around and ultimately come up with THE IDEA or solution to a problem.


When I’m having my own ‘thought shower’ I tend to do it on my own. It’s something that I’ve always done. It’s automatic. It’s just my brain sprinting into action whilst my body slowly stirs under the flow of rejuvenating water. It’s my mental to-do list shuffling tasks around and jostling ideas into position. Prioritising if you will; ready to start the day of writing as a Cheeky Sparrow.

Creative bubble

But apparently there’s method or science in my madness. It would seem that dopamine is released into the brain in relaxed scenarios such as showering, which helps the flow of creativity. So it’s only natural that great ideas should pop into my head in this lovely warm environment.

It’s where I started formulating this blog post…pass the soap.


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