Social media: It’s all about the Live Video

Posted by Chelle Smith in Latest Cheeps on January 16, 2017


2016 was definitely the year of the video with all the major social networks providing very similar offerings, but we’re not complaining and neither should you.

With similar live video features available on a variety of networks, from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter, businesses can pick and choose which platform they go live from. And if your target audience favours one social network over another, you’ll be able to follow suit and still benefit from great live video features that enable you to broadcast real-time content to your followers.

Twitter Live 360

Twitter announced back in December 2016 that it would soon be rolling out Live 360. Similar to Facebook’s Live 360, Twitter’s version will also allow users to broadcast live content to their audience.

The 360 degree feature enables viewers to explore the live video by moving their smartphone or scrolling, swiping or tapping their screen for a fully immersive experience. Look out for the Live 360 icon on videos to view and get ready to start creating your own Live 360 videos in the future.

Twitter Live Video

In the meantime you can still broadcast live on Twitter by composing a tweet and then tapping the ‘Live’ button. This will launch the pre-broadcast screen allowing you to ensure you’re in shot before pressing the ‘Go Live’ button to begin your broadcast.

Opportunities to go live

Live video is a great way to share of-the-moment content with your followers. Use it for Q&A sessions, to demonstrate your products or services, to give tips and advice or to showcase your expertise.

Give your followers a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at an event or during the manufacturing of your products, or use it to introduce the team behind your brand.

Your followers on Twitter and Periscope will be able to view and interact with your video during broadcast by commenting and sending hearts to show their appreciation.

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