Social Media. What is it good for?

Posted by Chelle Smith in Latest Cheeps on November 29, 2013


Absolutely…everything, but especially for promoting your brand, products and services. With millions of us utilising social networking sites on a daily basis, the statistics speak for themselves.


According to Facebook’s Third Quarter 2013 Results, there were 1.19 billion monthly active users (MAUs) on Facebook as of September 30, 2013. Of which, 728 million were daily active users. Kerching.


But it’s not just Facebook that is seeing all the action. According to Mashable, data from 200,000 publishers reveals that Pinterest was responsible for directing 3.7% of traffic to websites in September 2013. The popular digital pinning site slotted into second place behind Facebook, accounting for 10.4% of traffic, and just ahead of Twitter at 1.2%. Now, that’s how you get traffic to your website.

Did you know there are approximately 500,000 Pinterest business accounts? (Source: Digital Marketing Ramblings). Is yours one of them?


Also according to Digital Marketing Ramblings, there are approximately 1 billion registered Twitter accounts with monthly active users amounting to 231.7 million. On a daily basis, 100 million users skilfully shoehorn their message into 140 characters and broadcast to their followers.

It’s also the best social media platform to shamelessly promote your brand off the back of a celebrity. Just mention @celebrityname in your (relevant) tweet and you may just get retweeted to their thousands of followers. Clever, eh?

But what exactly are we using Social Media for?

On a personal level, we all know it’s social suicide not to be active on certain social media platforms. Hell, you may as well not exist. Facebook and Twitter are favoured by the masses and are essential for keeping your friends up to date with a blow-by-blow account of your day. It’s the least you can do. From what you had for breakfast and the mundane happenings on your commute to work, to that hilarious photo of your cat in a pair of tights, well, who wouldn’t want to see that?

Why your business should be using Social Media

You may feel your online presence is adequate with your all singing, all dancing website, but I’m afraid this is only part of the digital story. Existing and potential customers will expect to see you on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram…the list goes on. Put it this way, if you’re targeting Generation Y (aka the millennials aged 15-34) for example, this is where you’ll bump into them.

Social media is an essential tool for your business allowing you to interact with your target audience, whatever the demographic. Regardless of how sceptical you may be, social media is your gateway to potential customers. In fact, love it or hate it, you’d be a fool not to use it to your advantage.

It’s great for brand awareness

After all, if social media is good enough for the big boys, Coca-Cola (76m Facebook likes), Nike (15.8m Facebook likes) and Apple (9.8m Facebook likes), then surely it’s good enough for you? To make the idea more palatable, think of it as adding digital gravitas to your brand and keeping it ‘live’ and accessible to a broader audience.

Use engaging posts, tweets and pins to accrue Facebook likes and shares, +1s on Google+, Twitter followers and retweets and repins on Pinterest. Swap the hard sell for the soft sell with interesting, amusing, quirky or cheeky interaction, and who knows, your brand may even go viral. That’s the power of social media for you.

Where does Cheeky Sparrow fit in?

Without blowing our trumpet too loudly – oh go on then – we’ve got the gift of the social media gab. We’re not shy about putting your brand out there and will happily help you cash in on Facebook’s 1.19 billion users, Twitter’s millions (users not profit, obviously) and effectively utilise Pinterest’s website traffic driving capabilities.

If you want in, you know what to do. Like us on Facebook, tweet us on Twitter, send us an email or pick up the dog and bone and we’ll be on it like Sonic.

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