Social media features 2016 refresher

Posted by Chelle Smith in Latest Cheeps on December 30, 2016


With the main social media platforms constantly jostling for pole position and maximum users, improvements and new features come thick and fast. So it’s no surprise that 2016 saw many changes to the platforms we know and frequent, resulting in many offering virtually the same features and facilities.

Given the frequency of the tweaks and improvements there’s a real danger of many being overlooked by users, which is why we thought it would be good to remind you of exactly what’s on offer as we head into 2017.


Repositioning itself as the ‘people’s news network’, Twitter has not only given us a new shiny dashboard to streamline scheduling tweets, monitor mentions and gauge our content’s performance, but also launched features to improve our customer service offering in 2016.

From Direct Messaging that allows us to set up Quick Replies and Welcome Messages for our customers, to profiles that clearly indicate that we offer customer support.


Facebook has been busy too adding many new features to improve user experience. From Facebook Reactions that allow us to express ourselves further thanks to five additional emojis, to the platform’s business and networking software, Workplace.

But following the biggest trend of 2016, video, the social media network also gave us Facebook Live which enables us to offer real-time content in the form of videos or live broadcast to our customers.


To make the platform more attractive and accessible to businesses wishing to use the app, Instagram launched its new Business Tools to allow them to do just that. From measuring how well our content is performing and the demographic characteristics of your followers, to promoting posts from within the Instagram app.

Plus, with the option of shopping on Instagram becoming a real possibility in the future, the platform is definitely upping the ante.


And not forgetting LinkedIn which launched its Search Tool to make our content more discoverable in 2016. Utilising hashtags, keywords and specific topics to improve their search features, LinkedIn gave us the power to discover and be discovered.

Get in touch if you’d like us to pep up your content and get it 2017-ready.

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