One inbox for all your Facebook, Messenger and Instagram messages

Posted by Chelle Smith in Latest Cheeps on January 30, 2017


If like most businesses you spend an inordinate amount of time managing your social media accounts, you may find Facebook’s updated inbox for the Pages Manager mobile app very useful.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Scheduling tools allow you to manage certain aspects of your social media accounts all in one handy place. In fact they’re incredibly useful for ensuring you’re ultra organised when it comes to posting content to the many social media channels your followers may frequent. Heck, you can even schedule days, weeks or even months in advance, smug in the knowledge that your followers will never be without valuable content from your brand.

However, these convenient tools can also encourage you to become inadvertently complacent. How many times have you stumbled across an unseen message or notification when you finally check into your individual social media accounts?

We don’t need to tell you what kind of message a tardy response sends to your followers, customers or clients.

Why the updated inbox is so useful

If you’ve fallen foul of the above scenario, then the updated inbox could be just what you need. It ensures that all of your Facebook, Messenger and Instagram messages and comments are accessible in one handy place.

How to get the goodies

Start by connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts within the Pages Manager mobile app. To do this, simply tap the messaging icon (two overlapping square speech bubbles) at the bottom of your Page and navigate to the Instagram tab. Here you’ll be prompted to log in to your Instagram account and asked if you wish to ‘manage Instagram comments from your inbox.’ Click OK and it’s done.

You don’t need to do anything to set up your Messenger comments as they are already integrated into your Page inbox.

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