Facebook boosts local business interactions

Posted by Chelle Smith in Latest Cheeps on October 21, 2016


Apparently all good things come to those who wait. With that in mind, hopefully UK businesses will eventually benefit from the latest Facebook improvements that are currently being rolled out in the US.

Amongst the features are new and improved ways for users to benefit more by interacting with local businesses via their Facebook page. And for the businesses, an easy way to get their services in front of their followers backed up with a call to action button.

When only a quote will do

Any business that provides a quote before undertaking work, such as builders, electricians, plumbers and installers to name but a few, will be able to offer this service through their Facebook page via the ‘Get Quote’ button.

This is great for followers and potential customers who discover your services on Facebook, but who are unlikely to be persuaded to leave their social media feed at that moment in time to check out your website. Basically, Facebook’s ‘Get Quote’ facility will allow them to instantly take action without the hassle of navigating to your website on the off chance that you offer the same facility.

By appointment only

Spas, beauty and hair salons will be able to offer their customers the option to request an appointment at a preferred time via their Facebook page and will be able to confirm the appointment through Messenger.

Again this facility will enable Facebook users who come across your business page or who are directed there through Facebook ads or social media content to request an appointment then and there. Thus providing the perfect solution for customers trying to organise their busy lifestyles and allowing businesses to convert leads into sales.

Instant gratification

Currently in the US, restaurants that use Delivery.com or Slice are able to take food orders through their Facebook page via the ‘Start Order’ button. If and when this new feature is rolled out in the UK, it will be interesting to see how this will work.

In the meantime we’ll just have to make do with the many apps available that make it possible for a wide range of foods to be delivered straight to our door.

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