Why your blogs might not be working

Posted by Leigh Cooke in Latest Cheeps on April 12, 2019


Publishing blogs on your website is a fab thing to do.

It gets your business online visibility

It’s a marketing channel – just like social media

It drives traffic to your website

It converts that traffic into leads

It helps establish you as an authority

The list goes on …blogging is good, ok?

So, once you’ve sat yourself down for an hour and bashed out something you’re pretty chuffed with.  That’s the tough bit done.  Well, not really.  Soz.

Before you’ve even sat down to write, you should have considered a few vital things for your blog to stand any chance of success.  And by success, I mean leads.


Who is your audience?

Every single post you create should tap into your buyers pain points. What’s bugging them and how can you help?

What’s your killer headline?

It’s going to make or break the success of your post. Popular words to include are “clever” “stop” “surprising” and “no”.

Make your message unique

There is a sh*t load of content on the internet.  You need to find a way to differentiate your message – new research, a unique solution or a difference stance.

So, there’s a couple of pointers to help you on your way. I have lots more if you’re interested.

But even when you’ve got to this point with your blog, hitting publish and hoping for the best is a waste of all your efforts. “I tried blogging once but it didn’t do much for me.”  Really? You think?


Be consistent, make your blogs high quality pieces which demand attention, and don’t give up

Share your content on social media and emails – start conversations with people about it

Turn blogs into other forms of content – video, podcasts, infographics

Before you publish, think …will this get my audience inspired, asking questions, urge them to take action, move them? If yes, hit it.  If no, if you need help …you know what to do.


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