Social Media

Speaky to the Cheeky and get Tweety

If you don’t know your Tweeting from your Google+ then we’re here to demystify the world of Social Media. We can guide you through the various platforms and advise which is right for you and your business.

Just because it’s there, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you to be using. We like to get to know our clients properly so we’ll spend time talking about who you are as a company, what your customers are like, and what you’d really like to achieve. Any excuse for a natter really. We’ll bring the cake!

We handle the Social Media for lots of businesses who know what they want, but just don’t know how best to achieve it. And that’s where the Sparrows can help.

We’ll adopt your tone of voice, apply your brand values, and basically morph into you as your dedicated social media presence. Don’t worry, it’s not as sinister as it sounds.

From researching your industry and field of expertise to monitoring newsworthy developments in your sector, we’ll live, sleep and breathe your business to make sure we’re effectively channelling our inner you.

And the benefits to you?

  • Engaging dialogue with target customers and businesses
  • Timely, regular posts that you don’t have to remember to upload
  • Targeted content that helps build your online reputation
  • Detailed, regular reporting to demonstrate ROI
  • A strategy that sits seamlessly within your overall marketing plan

Every month we’ll send you a really lovely report which shows exactly what we’ve been doing and highlight our successes for the month.  We’ll also chuck in a few ideas for improvement.  It’s not one of the horrible generic ones with pie charts and terms you don’t understand.  Yuk! It’ll be created by your Social Media Account Manager don’t’ you know.

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