Nobody like a wall flower, let’s get people noticing you

There’s no way around it, great web content is only possible in conjunction with an SEO specialist and SEO copywriters. The good news is that we Sparrows are just the people you need to navigate the murky complexities of SEO and leave your website standing head and shoulders above the rest.

So how do we do it? Well, we can’t divulge all our secrets, but essentially, we do the following.

  • Review
    We look at where your site ranks now across the major search engines, what visibility you have, and how it can be improved. Simple.
  • Page Optimisation
    There are lots of simple ways to attract Google’s (and others!) attention so we address the structure of your site and suggest ways to optimise recognition. This includes improving Meta data and descriptions, headings and header tags, all of which flag up relevant information and are often not being used effectively.
  • Link Profile
    Our technical geniuses spend lots of time looking at things like algorithm updates to figure out exactly what the likes of Google want to see from a site. The techies could talk for hours but in a nutshell, links account for about 60% of how a webpage ranks for keywords. Our link strategy targets the most lucrative, relevant and profit making keywords to help boost your rankings.
  • Rankings
    We’ll let you know where you stand in current rankings and provide a strategy for improvement. Working with you we will establish the optimum route to move your site forward achieving effective high profile and long tale keyword rankings.

Whatever your budget, we can help you.  Just ask! And we’re pretty good at putting things in a way you can understand, so if it’s just a friendly SEO chat you need, feel free to bend our ears anytime.

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