Our PR is the best by far (it really is)

Put us in charge of your PR and we’ll help create long-term positive relationships with the people who matter most to your business – your customers, employees, investors and the great general public.

We’ll listen to want you want to achieve from PR and devise a strategy that meets your needs. It may be the promotion of a product or service; changing a negative perception; or asserting your company as trustworthy and dependable.

Our PR gurus are dedicated professionals with bags of experience in a wide range of sectors and what’s more, they’re really quite lovely to work with too. Aaahh.

Cheeky Sparrow’s PR services include:

  • Handling Press Enquiries
    We’ll act as first point of call for all your media enquiries if you’d like us to. As your representatives we’ll answer calls and respond to emails and basically become an extension of you and your company. Think of us as the invisible force sitting on the edge of your desk (or not if you think that sounds a bit weird).
  • Strategic Communications to Media, Customers and Stakeholders
    We’re happy to write press releases, speeches, internal communications or case studies that can be used to gain media exposure. We’ll even deliver the goods ourselves acting as your PR representative. Whatever makes you happy.
  • Event Management – from Press Lunches to Product Launches
    Whatever the event we can manage the process from concept to conclusion. We’re really hot on detail so will happily plan, source, budget and schedule everything that’s required to create a memorable event for you. We’ve previously handled events for some pretty big clients so whether it’s a cosy press lunch for three or a major launch for 300, we’re not going to be phased by whatever challenge you throw at us.
  • Sourcing and Management of Third Party Endorsement Opportunities
    To help promote your business we can identify opportunities through sponsorship and strategic partnerships that will help you reach new audiences. We can also advise on industry specific opportunities to help establish you as an authoritative voice.

Let’s sit down and chat about this more over a cuppa, or Champagne – we are talking PR after all! You can tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll do the rest.  Sorted.

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