Marketing Magic

Bippity Boppity Boo

Us Sparrows love a bit of magic here and there and marketing is one of our great passions. We’ve worked for some really big brands over the years and gained loads of experience that we’d love to share.

We won’t try and box you into generic plans and ideas but instead want to learn as much as we can about you before putting our thinking caps on, then coming up with a really tailored approach that meets your needs.

Every client we take on is thought of as an extension of our team and we take your brand as seriously as we take our own. And let’s be clear, we’re very serious about being Cheeky Sparrows.

Amongst the services we can offer are:

  • Devising marketing and communications plans
    We do love a plan. There’s nothing we like more than plotting a great strategy and working it through into an action plan for implementation. We can guide you through the key actions you need to take as a business to fulfil your potential.
  • New business development
    If you’re not sure where to look for new business or need help in maximising the customers you already have, then we can help you grow your share of the market effectively. Just tell us your priority areas and we’ll magic up some ideas to make your plans a reality.
  • Exhibitions and trade fairs
    For industry events that require your presence we can help with everything from supporting marketing materials to invitations and even the design of your stand. We’ll even man it for you if needs be. We’ve organised events in sectors as diverse as publishing and automotive so we know our way around an exhibition centre first-hand.
  • Tactical and strategic marketing campaigns
    We can help you devise and implement campaigns that are planned for and built into your annual marketing plan as well as those that are more reactive and executed as a result of a change in the market place or as a result of competitor activity. Whatever your specific goal, we’ll help you achieve it. We’re really that dependable.
  • Online marketing
    As you’ve hopefully already gathered, us sparrows are rather good at anything online be it SEO, social media, or good old-fashioned quality content. You name it, we’ll write it. And it’ll wow your flippin’ socks off, we promise.

You’re in safe hands with us as every single Sparrow has a good solid marketing background, and most of us are CIM qualified don’t you know.  Experience is invaluable but it’s good to know we have the creds to back it up, right?

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