We LOVE writing gorgeous words

Quite simply, we’re a bunch of fabulously talented copywriters who get a real kick out of writing inspiring copy. It’s what we do best, and quite honestly, we’re pretty flippin’ good at it.

The thing is, it’s not just about sitting down with our little laptops and banging off a few paragraphs here and there. There’s quite a bit of skill and experience required.  Our team of writers have honed their talents over many years in business as well as having relevant writing and marketing qualifications, so we really do know what we’re doing.

The best copy doesn’t just read well, it inspires. Whether you want your customers to fall in love with your products, or to spread the word to others, or to pick up the phone and talk to you; what drives all these actions is good content.

Web copywriting

Let’s face it, people are fickle. Online you only have a tiny amount of time to capture someone’s imagination before they tootle off to another website. Effective web copy draws people in and converts their interest into action and we’re all about the action.

We understand what your customers want to know and talk to them in a tone that reflects their needs. Our copy helps inspire trust and confidence in your company, as well as motivating them to engage with you and your products.

Our expertise means we can write successful copy for B2B or B2C sites, e-commerce, not-for-profit and charity so whatever your area, we’ve got it covered.

Blog copywriting

Simply put, we’ll write your blog so that it sounds like you.  Taking your brand, your company tone of voice and brand values into account we can provide regular, relevant content. We’ll even publish it for you. (We’re nice like that).

We can devise a publishing schedule for your approval, or can create posts based on topics that you’ve identified. We’re pretty flexible like that.

If you do it right, a blog is an easy way to engage with your audience. Fresh and regular content, relevant and engaging topics and a thoroughly readable style will have your customers coming back again and again. Which is sort of the point, isn’t it?

Email and newsletter copywriting

Whether B2B or B2C, talking to existing customers is a simple way of promoting your business to people who have already made a commitment to your company. You’ve already secured them as clients, so let us help you rein them in and keep them forever!

We know exactly how to capture their attention with winning subject lines, enticing and engaging topics and a clear, readable style. Our content is relevant and uses strategically placed keywords that will drive traffic to your website, seamlessly.

Emails are opened and discarded in the blink of an eye but with cunning content and visual appeal, your newsletters will promote brand loyalty and repeat sales, which can’t be bad now can it?

Press release copywriting

Our PR experts have years of experience placing stories in the media. They know exactly what will entice a journalist into covering a story and are just brilliant at setting the scene to appeal to the end reader.

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet too much, but we really do know how to draw out the elements that will have widespread appeal and create the angle that will sell a story.

Our PR gurus spend time understanding our clients to make sure that you and your business are always represented in the most positive light. Our aim is to make you look good, because talking frankly, that makes us look good too. So everyone’s happy!

SEO copywriting

We love a bit of SEO! Forget random insertion of keywords, we’ve perfected the art of writing readable articles that appeal to people as much as they do to search engines.

We write original content that is relevant and enjoyable so that your article is credible whilst still doing the most important job of all, that is flagging your presence to search engines in the most positive light possible.

You tell us your priority keywords and we’ll do the rest. From landing pages, articles, news pages and blogs, us Sparrows can weave our SEO magic across your content to ensure your reach is maximised.

Product description copywriting

From arbours to anti-ageing creams, safety mats to steam ovens, we’ve written descriptions for thousands of products on behalf of household name retailers. With everyone else simply copying the manufacturer descriptions, why not give yourself the upper hand with bespoke copy created with your customers in mind?

It takes time to write convincing descriptions that accurately describe what you sell so let’s take the weight off your shoulders. We’ll do the research, finely tune the offering, and provide you with finished copy that will engage and entice. Forget dreary technical descriptions that no one understands and let us produce descriptions that are fabulously fit for purpose.

Whether you need 15, 50, or 500, our descriptions will maintain the same high quality and consistency throughout. Guaranteed.

Need something else?

Don’t worry; the above list is by no means exhaustive. The Sparrows can turn their hands (wings?) to pretty much any copywriting required. We regularly provide copy for marketing collateral, brochures, advertisements, business cards, internal PowerPoint presentations. You name it, we’ll write it. We’ll really not fussy, but we are really, really good.

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